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Helen Newberry Joy Hospital Provides Easy Access to
Guardian Medical Monitoring Systems

   Helen Newberry Joy Hospital & Healthcare Center is able to provide installation of the Guardian Medical
Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) to persons interested in the extra security and independence that this monitoring system can deliver.
   Guardian is designed for people of all ages the elderly who are often alone for long periods of time, people with chronic illness, physically challenged individuals striving to maintain their independence, babysitters and latchkey kids who feel more confident knowing that, if needed, there is emergency help at the touch of a button.

The Guardian Medical System provides an immediate link to professional help. For some individuals, this makes the difference in maintaining their independence or entering an assisted living home; or they can be an alternative to the sometimes impersonal home health aide.

And they provide comfort, assistance, and security to those family members who are caregivers or are too far away to be helpful in an emergency.

The product is designed to be simple. Installation is as easy as plugging in the speakerphone base unit into both the phone outlet and the electrical wall outlet. Calling for help is as easy as pressing a button on your choice of a pendant or wristband.

The Guardian Personal Emergency Response System includes:

•  Hands-free, two-way voice communication within seconds of being activated;

•  Visual and audible alarm indicators;

•  Rechargeable backup battery and warning signals for low battery and electrical AC power failure;

•  Lightweight, waterproof button on pendant or wristband;

•  Friendly, caring, well-trained professionals providing outstanding service.


   A Helen Newberry Joy Hospital representative will provide installation of the equipment and will help you to set up a predetermined list of contacts and instructions. Guardian Medical Monitoring staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer alarms and call help for you.

Not only are Guardian products affordable, but they are covered by most insurance companies - including the Medicaid Waiver Program.

   If you would like more information about Guardian Medical Monitoring for yourself or a loved one, please contact the Helen Newberry Joy Hospital & Healthcare Center Patient Advocate, by calling 906.293.9223. To visit the Guardian Medical Monitoring Systems website, click here.

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