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Inpatient Care
Inpatient Care

Hospital Medicine

To care for inpatients in the hospital, Helen Newberry Joy Hospital has a hospitalist program. Our hospitalists provide 24/7 treatment and are readily available to discuss your care with you and your family. Here are some common questions regarding our hospitalist program.

What is a Hospitalist?
Hospitalists are a team of doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners whose primary focus is general medical care of hospitalized patients.

What does a Hospitalist do?
Your Hospitalist specializes in the care of hospital patients. We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Why do I need a Hospitalist?
A Hospitalist’s primary purpose is to extend the level of care that your Primary Care Provider delivers. When you are in the hospital, your Hospitalist team provides you top-level care while keeping your Primary Care Provider continually apprised of your condition.

What about my care after I’m discharged from the hospital?
The Hospitalist is committed to ensuring a smooth transition between your Primary Care Provider and the care received during your hospital stay. Once you are discharged, we update your Primary Care Provider on your condition, including a summary of lab work, any medication, and instructions you need to follow at home.

What if I have questions after my discharge?
If you have questions after your stay at Helen Newberry Joy Hospital, please contact the Nurse’s Station at 906.293.9219 and ask to speak with the Charge Nurse. Or you may contact your primary care provider during regular office hours.