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Behavioral Health
Behavioral Health Services

Helen  Newberry Joy Hospital’s Behavioral Health Program is a team-based health services program for patients with Mental health concerns.

We work with individual patients and families to
provide coordinated mental health care services through collaboration with the care team members.


Heather Thornton, LLMSW

Heather was born and raised in Newberry, MI., and is an NMU graduate with a Masters in Clinical Social Work. As a Clinical Therapist, she works with her patients to improve their emotional skills, address mental illness, and cope with life's challenges. She is dedicated to helping her patients live happier, healthier lives. Heather is proud to be a mental health resource for her community's children, teens, adults, and families. 

How do I become a better version of myself?

Ask your provider for a referral to Behavioral Heath.



Services provided include but not

limited to :


· Individual psychotherapy/counseling

· Support Medical Assisted Therapy

· Outpatient medical management

· Behavioral Care Coordination

· Court ordered assessments

· Behavioral Care Planning

· Personality Assessments

· Behavioral Assessments

· Intensive outpatient care

· Psychiatric medications

· Behavioral analysis

· Family education

· Tele-psychiatry

· Dual-diagnosis

· Family therapy


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