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DNV Accreditation

Critical Access Hospital Accreditation

Helen Newberry Joy Hospital & Healthcare Center announces the successful completion of its accreditation process from DNV GL - Healthcare.

By earning accreditation, Helen Newberry Joy Hospital has demonstrated it meets or exceeds patient safety standards (Conditions of Participation) set forth by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. DNV GL’s accreditation program is the only one to integrate the ISO 9001 Quality Management System with the Medicare Conditions of Participation.  In healthcare they are transformative, driving toward consistency, improvement and patient satisfaction.

“The DNV GL program is consistent with our long-term commitment to quality and patient safety,” says Hunter Nostrant, CEO. “The ability to integrate ISO 9001 quality standards with our clinical and financial processes is a major step forward.”

Kena Nicholson, HNJH Quality and Accreditation Manager, explains, “Safety, quality and the patient experience are our priorities, and this accreditation shows that we are taking great care of our patients while keeping up with industry standards.”

“We have taken an entirely different approach to accreditation, and hospitals are really responding,” says DNV GL - Healthcare CEO Patrick Horine. “Since accreditation is a must-have credential for just about every hospital in this country, why not make it more valuable, and get more out of it? That’s where ISO 9001 comes into play, and turns the typical get-your-ticket-punched accreditation exercise into a quality transformation.”

DNV GL’s accreditation program, called NIAHO® (Integrated Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations), involves annual hospital surveys – instead of every three years – and encourages hospitals to openly share information across departments and to discover improvements in clinical workflows and safety protocols. DNV GL is a world-leading certification body, operating in more than 100 countries. 

For more information, please visit the DNV website (www.dnvusa.com/industry/healthcare).
DNV Accreditation in brief:
The core of the DNV accreditation process is based on Medicare Regulations and the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. This method of accreditation integrates the hospital's own Quality Management System with a systematic framework and the Medicare Regulations.
Quality Management focuses on standardizing processes and making sure that everyone is skilled, educated and understands the process.  At HNJH, we make sure everyone is ready to care for every patient every time by:
  • Assuring that all of our policies are up to date, old policies are removed from circulation as are reference books, charts, and process checklists.
  • Assuring safe appropriate equipment by a comprehensive preventive maintenance program.
  •  Assuring that supplies are not damaged or contaminated.
  • Assessing and maintaining accurate retrievable records.
We maintain a rigorous schedule of review for all processes to provide necessary input toward preventive and or corrective action to bring the process into conformity.