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Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

A hospital stay can be an unexpected, anxious and even lonely time – not only for the patient but family and friends as well.  During these stressful times, a Chaplain can provide friendship and support, listen to concerns, and offer comfort. 

Our local Chaplains are able to provide bedside visitation for patients, as well as pastoral care and counseling. Anyone who is a patient or family member in search of spiritual support is encouraged to ask for a Pastoral Care visit.

It is not the chaplain’s role to bring their values and beliefs to those they serve or replace a patient's clergy or other sources of support. Instead, they meet patients, family and hospital staff where ever they are on their personal journey and provide support appropriate to the circumstances of each encounter. A chaplain may also assist those with specific desires to locate the appropriate resources to meet their individual needs.


On-call Chaplains are available to provide spiritual assistance, sacramental ministries, and other services. They are also available to sit and talk or offer a listening ear. Our local pastors offer care for community members and visitors; those who have a faith community as well as those with no formal religious affiliation. 

If you would like to visit with a Chaplain, please ask any of our nursing staff to contact your local Pastor (if you have one within our community) or the on-call Chaplain. If you are a visitor to our area, the Chaplain (by request) will contact your specific pastor, priest or congregation representative to let them know you are a patient here.


Patients and guests are welcome to visit the hospital’s Chapel for prayer or meditation at any time. A Chapel is a place of serenity for all people, regardless of faith or religion. It is located on the main floor of the Hospital at the inpatient Nursing floor.