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Laboratory Internship Scholarship
Laboratory Internship Scholarship

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Helen Newberry Joy Hospital and Healthcare Center is pleased to offer the opportunity for The Laboratory Internship Scholarship for two qualified candidates. The candidates must have a current GPA of 3.0. The program encourages careers in healthcare by providing research and hands on experiences at HNJH laboratory. Selected students receive a $10,000 scholarship and lodging during their internship.



                                         Bobbi Jo and Amanda

Amanda: "A couple of things I loved about doing my internship here was that everyone was very helpful and very knowledgeable and I felt that I learned a lot and I am very thankful that everyone taught me so much about the day to day operations of being a lab tech. 

Bobbi Jo: I had a great time interning at HNJH! It was great to be welcomed into such a homey atmosphere. Thank you to all involved.