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Nurse Aide Training
Nurse Aide Training Course

Nurse Aide Training

2020 Dates: Dates have not been scheduled. 
This is a five-week course (Monday through Friday).
Attendance and participation are required each day to successfully complete and pass the course.
HNJH Nurse Aide Training Center and
Helen Newberry Joy Hospital / Golden Leaves Living Center
Complete an HNJH Employment Application Online
Pre-class Requirements: 
  • Applicants must be a high school graduate (or equivalent).
  • Applications will be reviewed and those chosen will be interviewed for acceptance into the course.
  • A course fee of $350.00 is to be paid prior to the start of class (this fee is non-refundable once the course has begun).
  • Successful applicants will be required to complete a criminal background/fingerprint check and a drug screen.
Nursing Assistants:
Nurse Aides work in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospice care, hospitals, community-based long-term care, correctional institutions, and other long-term care settings.  Nurse Aides help patients of all ages perform the most basic daily tasks.  They work under direct Nursing (RN or LPN) supervision playing a key role in the lives of their patients and in keeping the nurse up to date on vital information about the patients' conditions. 
Nurse Aides provide assistance with such tasks as:
  • Dressing
  • Bathing and Skin Care; Mouth and Hair Care
  • Feeding
  • Making Beds
  • Toileting Assistance and Catheter Care
  • Bowel and Bladder Care
  • Taking Vital Signs (blood pressure, pulse, etc.)
  • Helping Patients Walk
  • Assisting with range-of-motion exercises
  • Helping wheelchair-bound patients using safe patient handling devices
  • Turning/repositioning bedridden patients regularly
  • Reporting all changes to the Nurse
  • Safety Awareness
  • Observing, Reporting, and Documenting
  • Post-Mortem Care

  • Nurse Aides are taught to observe, recognize and assess changes in their residents/patients condition; they learn repositioning and transferring techniques, range of motion and proper body mechanics; they gain an understanding of therapeutic diets and help their residents/patients meet their nutritional needs. 
    They learn how to communicate and become good listeners; they are competent in resident/patients rights as well as upholding and protecting these rights. 
    They learn about the disease process and how to prevent the spread of infection, understand acute and chronic illnesses and diagnoses;
    They learn how to care for the resident/patient with different cultural backgrounds.
    They care for young or old, residents or patients, persons living with a lifetime illness, recovering from a temporary illness, or those who may be dying.
    Providing compassion and empathy, Nurse Aides are a source of strength and support for the family.
    A successful Nurse Aide delivers high quality, personal care.

    Steps to Becoming a Nurse Aide:
    1. Attend daily classes and participate in all lectures, labs, and clinicals.    
    2. Maintain a minimum of 75% on all quizzes and tests.
    3. Upon completion, successful students will receive a certificate for having completed the State approved program at which point they may apply for State testing.
    4. Once the Michigan Nurse Aide exam has been successfully completed, students will receive a Certified Nurses Aide Certificate and be placed on the Michigan State Registry.