Helen Newberry Joy Hospital - Newberry, MI
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Helen Newberry Joy Hospital
Serving Luce County and the surrounding area since 1965, the mission of Helen Newberry Joy Hospital & Healthcare Center is "Keeping the Patient at the Center of Everything We Do - Every Patient - Every Time."
As one of the most technologically advanced, up-to-date diagnostic centers in the Eastern Upper Peninsula, we are able to provide a wide range of services. 

By placing a high value on compassion, customer service, quality, respect, teamwork, and trust, our skillful physicians and professional medical staff are dedicated to growing a healthier community.

Helen Newberry Joy Hospital welcomes Benjamin J. Bryant MD, FACS to its surgical staff. Dr. Bryant has been treating patients at HNJH since July as a locum and will begin October 1st as a full-time staff member.


ONE pint of blood can save as many as THREE lives. When you give blood you give life. Consider donating at the next HNJH Blood Drive Monday, September 24th from 2PM - 6PM. Registration takes place in the Huron Conference Room. If you have questions, please call Mary Nutkins at 906.293.8438.
Where: Huron Conference Room
When: September 24, 2018
Voice of the Patient

This past April, Jack went to work in the woods just as he had every day for as long as he could remember. He will jokingly tell you he was, “Born to kill trees.” This day, however, would test his will and change his life forever.