Helen Newberry Joy Hospital
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Helen Newberry Joy Hospital

Serving Luce County and the surrounding area since 1965, the mission of Helen Newberry Joy Hospital & Healthcare Center is "Keeping the Patient at the Center of Everything We Do - Every Patient - Every Time."

As one of the most technologically advanced, up-to-date diagnostic centers in the Eastern Upper Peninsula, we are able to provide a wide range of services. 

By placing a high value on compassion, customer service, quality, respect, teamwork, and trust, our skillful physicians and professional medical staff are dedicated to growing a healthier community.

Helen Newberry Joy Hospital is pleased to welcome Brook Dake, FNP, as an advanced practice provider in the Gibson Family Health Clinic.


Asking for, and accepting help, is an important part of living in a community.

Our mission is to reach out to those in our community who are on the journey of grief … a journey none of us ask to take.

GriefShare is a free, Christian-based support group that offers you the help you need. We provide a safe confidential place to share your innermost feelings. Your grief may be the result of a current death or one from many years ago. Grief will ambush you when you least expect it. Let GriefShare help!

GriefShare sessions are held each Wednesday at 7PM in the Huron Conference Room at Helen Newberry Joy Hospital & Healthcare Center. This exciting video program is coupled with a helpful workbook and group discussion. There is no cost for being part of the proven successful support group.
Where: Huron Conference Room
When: Every Wednesday at 7PM
Voice of the Patient

Annual screening mammograms are the best defense against breast cancer. In this month's Voice of the Patient, learn how a screening mammogram made all the difference for a retired teacher, Rose Kaven.